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Solar + Storage España offers an interactive and insightful educational agenda over two days. Attendees can look forward to engaging discussions and informative presentations from some of the brightest minds in the Spanish and Iberian Solar and Energy Storage industry.

  • The conference program is designed to provide detailed insights into grid-scale solutions in the Iberian market and deep-dive into the latest advancements in the industry.
  • In addition to these conference sessions, there will be interactive workshops where you can engage with the experts and ask questions.
  • You will also have the opportunity to explore the latest DG ESS solutions showcased by the exhibitors on the show floor stage.

Do you want to stay on top of the newest technological developments and gain valuable insights into the future of Energy Storage in the Spanish and Iberian markets? Decision-makers from all industry segments are invited to network and forge new partnerships while exploring the exhibition!

Stay tuned - we are continuously updating the agenda.

Included in the Conference Pass. This ticket includes networking event & refreshments.
Education Theatre
Included in all tickets.

Day 1, September 18 & Day 2, September 19

The 2-day conference, filled with enriching presentations and lively discussions, will offer several sessions covering the following topics:


1. Cannibalization and negative prices

Negative prices are becoming more frequent in Spain, while battery storage has yet to take off. Grid services, ancillary services, and capacity auctions offer good chances to bring new players to the Spanish market.

2. Demand electrification, EV and Spain's energy strategy

Renewable energy penetration is close to 60%. We are at a turning point where further decarbonization becomes complicated and costly. How and when will electrification take place? Will Spain’s energy strategy, the so-called PNIEC, be successful?

3. Battery adoption in large scale and C&I segments, success stories, and tech

Storage is expected to allow PV assets to have a more predictable income and become another driver of industrial development in our country. What are the prospects?

4. The European industry and the battery manufacturing challenge

The renewable energy manufacturing industry requires support across the entire value chain and creating industrial ecosystems to strengthen a robust, enduring, and eco-friendly network of suppliers. Is Spain following this path?

5. Self-consumption scenario for 2024

Considering declining electricity prices, the self-consumption business may face multiple challenges in Spain. How can companies operating in this segment deal with low prices and increase competition?

6. Financing the PPA market

The current low-price scenario is influencing the signing of PPAs by large companies with assets in Spain. Interesting hybridization initiatives with storage and hydrogen are emerging.

7. The social factor: disinformation as an obstacle to the energy transition

What lies beneath the opposition to renewable energy projects? How can the industry identify better communication strategies and best practices? Is fake news on renewables challenging to address?


Rounding off Day 1 of the Conference, you are invited to join the Networking Evening on September 18. More details will be revealed soon.

Disclaimer: Session titles and speakers may change without prior notice as the program develops.

More information coming soon.

Live on the Showfloor:
Exhibitors present the latest DG ESS solutions on the show floor stage.
Interactive workshops where you can interact with experts and ask questions.


Disclaimer: Session titles and speakers may change without prior notice as the program develops.

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